Summer 2014

Summer 2014

  • The Guide to Edible Seaweeds was launched at the SÓ Sligo Food Festival in June 2014.
  • Irish Seaweed Kitchen went around the world in June and July 2014:
  • Seaweeds: meet them, eat them … Love them.
  • Sydney, Australia  recipes showcased at the Welcome reception and launch of Coastal Chef at the International Society for Applied Phycology.
  • New Zealand- chef Al Brown in Auckland with Lea and Neil Bramley and Wendy Nelson, Wellington
  • Vancouver -Barbara Jos Bookshop
  • Vancouver Island, Canada. lecture and workshop


around the world




Sydney, June 22nd to 27th

Australian Seaweed Association Mission Statement

ISAP 2014 Conference
International Society for Applied Phycology

New Zealand


Auckland and Wellington, July 4th -8th



Barbara- Jo’s  Books to Cook downtown Vancouver 10th July

Barbara Jo's Book Shop
Barbara Jo’s Books to Cooks, Vancouver

Watch an interview with Prannie about the uses of Seaweed on CBC News, July 21, 2014. This interview took place at Barbara-jo’s Books To Cooks, 1740 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J 1H6, Canada.

Vancouver Island Talk and workshop 11th and 12th July

Seaweed Workshop with Dr. Prannie Rhatigan

…and finishing in Ireland with Sligo Seaweed Days 30th and 31st June, 2014