Prannie Rhatigan’s Irish Seaweed Kitchen

Seaweeds: meet them, eat them… love them. 

Sligo Seaweed Experience Sunday 23rd June 2024

* Celebrating 25 years of seaweed identification walks, talks and workshops this year-2024.*

Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen

Book awarded First at Gourmand Best in The World, seafood category at awards ceremony in Macau, China on 4th July 2019.

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Listen to Prannie talk about the award on Ocean FM.

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Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen

“Prannie has been a seaweed champion for many years and has influenced my own thinking on seaweed. It’s great to see our national vegetable getting pride of place in her great new book.”
– JP MCMahon, Chef, Author and Founder of Food on the Edge

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The Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen book and guide to edible seaweeds

Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen book and Guide to Edible Seaweeds

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The guide

irish seaweed kitchen guide to edible seaweeds pocket size guide

Companion to Irish Seaweed kitchen

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The book

The comprehensive guide to everyday cooking with seaweeds

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The book & guide

Irish Seaweed Kitchen book and Guide to edible seaweeds

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 Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen book wins  Gourmand Best in the World

A flavour of the Best in the World book

Guide to Edible Seaweeds – the perfect shore companion

*Guide now in 3rd Edition – With 5 additional seaweeds

Learn how to identify and sustainably harvest seaweeds with Guide to edible seaweeds.

The Guide to Edible Irish Seaweeds comes as a pocket-sized, splash proof, laminated booklet, designed to survive even the closest encounters with sea and weather.

A very clever feature of the guide is the QR codes included on each seaweed page. When scanned by a smartphone each QR code will bring you to a video description presented by Prannie. You can view Prannie’s video on Duileasc above.

You can find out more on the guide page. Also, make sure to watch Prannie’s interview outlining the benefits of the guide on Country Matters below:

Seasonal Recipes

Snippets of news

SEAWEED Walks 2024- Sligo Seaweed Experience

Sligo Seaweed Experience and Rockpool Rambles:

next great tide on: 23rd June 2024 -email to book a place

Irish Seaweed Kitchen Blend in sachets and pots is now available to purchase in the online shop and locally in shops in Co. Sligo

Please support the RNLI.

Call to your local RNLI shop to purchase the Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen book during the year

100% of the sale of each Irish Seaweed Christmas Kitchen  book goes to the RNLI – if purchased at an RNLI shop.

Cartoon by Marie Drumgoole

We donated 500 copies to the RNLI so they can have a much needed 100% profit fundraiser.

National Geographic Article

SEAWEED Walks 2024- Sligo Seaweed Experience

Sligo Seaweed Experience and

Rockpool Rambles

-2 1/2 hour experience –Seaweed identification walk and talk with tastings of seaweed pesto and seaweed truffles washed down with a seasonal tea.

To stay informed on dates for 2024: e mail    [email protected]           Find out more

Explore the Rockpools and have fun on the beach with the Irish Seaweed Kitchen Team

Sligo Seaweed Day –  summer 2024. A full day tasting and learning about seaweed – including roll your own sushi lunch. Weather and tides permitting

Coney Island Experience 2024- . A magical trip to Coney to identify seaweeds and to picnic  on chowder cooked on the open fire by Anthony Gray (of Eala Bhán and Hooked Restaurants). Seaweed Pesto and seaweed chocolate truffles all washed down by local beers. Tides and weather permitting. Find out more.