Tides and the Moon

Tides & MoonEvery two weeks there is a spring tide which is the best time to harvest seaweeds. The biggest tides of the year are February/March, followed by September/October at the times of the equinoxes, but any spring tide is usually suitable for harvesting all edible seaweeds. A spring tide does not refer to spring time but a “springing” of the water, when the range is greatest and the tides are lowest- so, depending on the weather and winds you have more time on the shore as the water will go out further and expose more of the intertidal seaweeds. On these tides use extra caution, as although tide will go out further, it will also return faster and come up higher. Collecting on these tides may provide fascinating insights to other types of edible seaweeds.Usually two days either side of the full moon or new moon are the best tides for harvesting, but sometimes this varies slightly and can depend on weather.