Guide to Edible Seaweeds


Guide now in its 3rd Edition with 5 additional seaweeds.

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This guide describes many edible seaweeds and tells you where these sea vegetables/herbs can be found and also when and how they can be harvested sustainably. Click the image below to view some sample pages:

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The Guide to Edible Irish Seaweeds comes as a pocket sized, splashproof, laminated booklet, designed to survive even the closest encounters with  sea and  weather. A very clever feature is the QR code on each seaweed page which when scanned by a smart phone links to a short video of Prannie giving a detailed description of the seaweed and how to harvest it sustainably.

Forget the vision of thumbing through a guide book in the whipping wind: this booklet comprises twenty independent, sturdy, free standing cards, firmly held together by a metal keyring so that they can easily flipped open in any weather. Inside is comprehensive and concise information on Irish seaweeds, plus tips on tides, moons and safety, colour photos and clear diagrams on how to sustainably harvest.