Irish Seaweed Kitchen book and Guide to edible seaweeds



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The book: Irish seaboard lore, recipes old and new, nutritional information and personal anecdote combine with the faintest hint of nostalgia in this refreshingly original mix of common sense and practical cookery. (Retail price in shops €35)

The guide: Now in 3rd edition with 5 additional seaweeds. Describes many edible seaweeds and tells you where these sea vegetables/herbs can be found and also when and how they can be harvested sustainably.

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The Book

Irish seaboard lore, recipes old and new, nutritional information and personal anecdote combine with the faintest hint of nostalgia in this refreshingly original mix of common sense and practical cookery. Sourcing, identifying, preparing and storing seaweed for culinary use are all clearly explained in addition to a remarkable collection of over 150 easy-to-follow, creative and delicious recipes, including tips and hints.

Designed to facilitate seaweed users from novice to experienced, there is also a full seaweed recipe index for ease the nutritional properties of each seaweed.

Over 100 colour photographs and original line drawings represent not simply the foods featured, but also provide a glimpse of a unique west of Ireland lifestyle and landscape. Beautifully written and illustrated, the compelling pages highlight seaweeds as a valuable, flavoursome and versatile food recognized for its positive impact on health. A book to cherish for both its presentation of seaweeds as a culinary component in a highly approachable way, and for its charming sense of time and place.

  • 288 pages
  • 200mm x 250mm
  • Hard back cover with dust jacket
  • Printed on matt paper, colour throughout
  • Over 150 recipes
  • Hundreds of photographs, paintings and illustrations


STEFAN KRAAN, Irish Seaweed Centre

‘Prannie has actually managed to make seaweeds sexy’

NICOLA JEAL, Observer Food Monthly

‘Original and delicious’

Matt Murphy, Sherkin Island Marine Station

For all those who have always wanted to try cooking with seaweed, this recipe book will take the trepidation out of it. It’s a beautiful publication and would make a wonderful gift for anyone interested in cooking with these natural ingredients... full review

Georgina Campbell, Ireland’s leading food and hospitality writer …

A remarkable book by any standards, it comes as no surprise to find that Prannie Rhatigan’s Irish Seaweed Kitchen was many years in the making – the wonder of it is that this wide ranging, searching and very beautiful work ever went to press at all, as its subject is clearly a work in progress for this gifted medical doctor, organic gardener and Slow Food cook... full review

Ross Golden-Bannon, Editor, Food & Wine Magazine and restaurant critic, The Sunday Business Post

‘While others may look to the Mediterranean for culinary inspiration Prannie turns to our shoreline and our rich heritage of seaweeds. She has created a book with an astonishing breadth of recipes and depth of healthful knowledge using seaweed as the ingredient for sweet and savoury dishes, and a healthier diet.'

Mairin Ui Chomain, Irish Food Writers Guild

.. the most exciting cookbook to reach our shelves in a long, long time, its fresh and individual approach reflects a way of life, making it compulsive reading for anyone who loves food and the coastline...this badly neglected vegetable receives the love, imagination and creativity it deserves. Written in Prannie’s distinctive style ... lucid and charming ... this book is an inspiration and a joy to read. Bravo. Maith thú’

John McKenna, The Bridgestone Guides

‘The most valuable cookery books unveil what is before our eyes, or under our feet, but which we don’t yet appreciate. Prannie Rhatigan’s book performs that demystifying act, superbly. There is a lifetime’s learning here, and a lifetime’s cooking with seaweeds to be enjoyed, thanks to Prannie’s devoted research and endless sense of enquiry’.

The Guide

The Guide to Edible Irish Seaweeds comes as a pocket sized, splashproof, laminated booklet, designed to survive even the closest encounters with  sea and  weather.

A very clever feature is the QR code on each seaweed page which when scanned by a smart phone links to a short video of Prannie giving a detailed description of the seaweed and how to harvest it sustainably.

Forget the vision of thumbing through a guide book in the whipping wind: this booklet comprises twenty independent, sturdy, free standing cards, firmly held together by a metal keyring so that they can easily flipped open in any weather. Inside is comprehensive and concise information on Irish seaweeds, plus tips on tides, moons and safety, colour photos and clear diagrams on how to sustainably harvest.