Fig and walnut duileasc (dulse) chocolate truffles

These divine truffles are ideal for Christmas parties and can be rolled or chopped into big or small pieces.

Seaweed used: Duileasc (Dulse)

Serves 10 – 20 (depending on preferred size)

Seaweed Chocolate Truffles

12 dried figs soaked for 30-60 minutes in water, green tea or brandy, stem removed and halved.
1 and a half cups walnuts
1 tbsp Duileasc-dulse- flaked or ground
Duileasc salt- generous pinch
Vanilla, 1 tsp
1 tbsp raw cacao butter, grated-optional
¼ cup raw cocoa powder plus extra or grated dark chocolate.
Dash of pineapple juice or reserved liquid from soaked figs if needed.

To prepare the truffles

1. Blitz the walnuts, duileasc and duileasc salt in a food processor using an S blade.

2. Drain the figs and reserve liquid.

3. Add figs to walnuts with the remaining ingredients and pulse until the mixture just comes together. Use the pineapple juice or reserved liquid if too dry.

4. Shape onto a square plate. Chill and cut into small squares. Dust with raw cocoa. Or roll into balls and dust with cocoa powder or grated chocolate.