Carraigin moss remedy for a cough

This soothing Carraigin drink has anti viral properties and also shifts phlegm from the chest. For the remedy you will need: 1 closed fistful of dried carraigin moss seaweed (8-10g) 700 mls cold water (1 1/4 pints) 1 knob of fresh or frozen ginger juice of a lemon local honey to taste dash of whiskey…

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Abbey Centre Ballyshannon – Lady Gregory’s Legacy, 26th November, 2015

Back for one night only, Lady Augusta steps from the shadows of the Irish Literary Revival. Turns out she has her secrets, her trials, her triumphs and her losses, just like all of us…‘pure entertainment’…Galway Advertiser Catherine Rhatigan harp/John Tuohy Pipes/Robert Tobin and Eileen Carr silver flute /Deirdre Starr and Patricia Keane voice/Dave Aebli bass,…

Broth served with herbs, cheese and bread from Gerry Galvin
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The Fumbally Stables – Seaweeds: Meet them, Eat them … Love them, 30th September, 2015

There are over 500 seaweeds on our coastline and they are all edible. Join Prannie Rhatigan for an evening’s introduction to seaweed harvesting and cooking. Prannie will talk about the health benefits of seaweeds, seaweed identification, harvesting, storage and preparation. The demonstration will feature red, green and brown seaweeds in hearty everyday food – think;…